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I always fantasize about royal king, prince and princess stories. It was deep down fantasy from my childhood days that a king of certain country woos me. Moscow escort Such were my innocent thoughts.
And, one day, my dream came true, not totally, but partially. My date was an Indian Maharaja of a small Indian town in Rajasthan.  He had booked my service for dinner cum bed service. When I arrived for dinner, I was stunned to meet a tall, dark and handsome man as my date.  On top of that, the guy was well build.  As I introduced myself to him, the guy stood up, took my soft hand and put a gentle kiss on my hand just like all royal men do. Escort MoscowThen, he pulled out a chair like a royal gentlemen and ordered food for me.
While having dinner, he told me his wife died two years ago leaving behind two teenage daughters. Honestly speaking, from his looks it didn’t seem at all that he was a father of two half grown girls. He told me he had no intentions of marrying again since he had no idea how his wife would treat his two girls.  
 But, whenever he desire, he regularly visited Thailand to get service of beautiful girls. It was first time he was visiting Russia and was quite excited about getting laid with a Russian woman. He told me he had listened a lot from his friends about beauty as well as warm nature of Russian woman, so he decided to spend time with me.  Thankfully, the apple fell on my lap.
After dinner, we move back to his hotel room where he made such a sweet love that I still have taste of it in my mouth. The king first took off my clothes and made me appear in undergarments. For a moment, he fondled my tits and said with mischievous smile, “Nice one.” After that, he went behind me and closed my eyes as well as hands with a soft cloth.
My heart started beating fast and was pretty much excited about his next seductive move. I heard opening of refrigerator from the room. He brought some fruits on the plate and started feeding me. He started with kiwi, moving to pineapple, grapes and then strawberry. He always asked me fruit name while putting in my mouth. 
If I answer correctly, he gave me a gentle kiss on my lips.  Finally, he ended this session by pouring down a glass of champagne in my throat. 
After that, he laid me down on the carpet and put his gentle lips on mine. He started kissing me gently on my lips. Then, he unhooked my bra, threw it off and started fondling my breasts. For at least 10 minutes, he kept on fondling it till I started moaning, showing signs of my sexual excitement. The guy poured down soft kisses on my body after playing with my tits.  He started kissing my tits, moved to my stomach and went down kissing my pelvis area. I cried with excitement as he chewed on my pussy area.
Then, he spread my legs apart and inserted his fingers gently inside my vagina. I kept on looking at him when he did this, while rotating his fingers inside my body. While doing this, he started kissing again on my lips. It went on till I achieved a real orgasm.
The guy then removed his pants, put out a condom and inserted his organ again gently inside my body. It was really nice to see a guy using a protection method. Most of the time, men do not use it. It is  us; escort girls who have to take precautions. Anyway; the guy fucked me gently till he released a dose of sperm inside my body.
After satisfying our carnal desires, both of us went to deep sleep. When I woke up, he gave me a gentle kiss on my lips and promised me to come back again. He left his palace card behind and told me that if I had chance of visiting India, then please call him. I would be his royal guest and he would take great care of me.
It was really nice of getting a warm response from him and I know very well that if I visited India, he would treat me very well. Such is the trust factor that royal people generate on common people. Now I know why they are so much respected.

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